Dr Annetta Mallon PhD

End of life consultant and educator

…your end of life, your way…

I am an end of life (EOL) consultant, doula and educator, as well as an experienced grief psychotherapy practitioner. I am also a professional writer, keynote public speaker, academic, researcher, story-keeper, humourist, advocate, listener, networker, and a compassionate, inclusive, sex-positive support person.

My Story

I live in northern Tasmania, the island state below the mainland Australian continent, with my spouse Peter and dog Cully.  I am an expert in social and health sciences, social research, grief and loss, injury, PTSD and trauma recovery, and personal growth and development. As an end of life consultant I offer my clients consumer advocacy and education around options, rights, and choices at end of life. I also offer specialty pet end of life expertise and support, and secular, agnostic and atheist services for humans – especially for those who may not have a family network to call on when they are dying.

I am honest, ethical, and upfront with my clients while offering support with a sense of humour. If you live at a distance I  offer video and phone call services to ensure that those who live in isolated areas are not alone or lonely at end of life.​ With my allied health and arts background, I am able to translate and facilitate the understanding of options for medical and/or vet-based care, as well as for home-based end of life options: including legacy and memorial projects and personal ritual.

With a PhD in Social Science, a Masters degree in Art Therapy, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts I am able to offer both personal insights and creative solutions within broader cultural contexts. I aim  to help you better understand your own responses and needs for a good end of life.

Our pets are an important part of our lives and families

One of my mottos is ‘dignity and respect for everyone at end of life’. This includes pets and companion animals, and I welcome both human and non-human clients. Your pet’s quality of life at end of life deserves as much planning and consideration as your own, and I am happy to help you with this.

The aftermath os a pet’s death can be truly hard. More and more research shows that the grief we experience when a pet dies can be equal to, or even greater, than the grief we feel when a person dies. I offer grief support for pet owners in grief, as well as for those grieving a human death*.

*This aspect of my service is #CullyApproved.

My Values & Beliefs

Everyone deserves dignity and respect at end of life

Whatever your position on belief or non-belief, your gender identity, ethnic or cultural background, disability, or sexual orientation you are welcome by me. You will be treated with kindness, compassion and empathy. I am a sex-positive, atheist, diversity-inclusive practitioner, a safe space LBGTIQA+ ally, and am kink-friendly.

I work with clients and students from Australia and overseas.

Information is power, and choice is a right at end of life

I strive to ensure that clients and community members understand their rights, options and choices at end of life, helping to ensure that every person can make an informed decision. I am honest and transparent with my clients – I obey the law and work within it, and will always tell my clients what legal options are available in the place they live.

When I do not know the answer to a question I will say so, then do my best to find out answers before returning to my clients with a response.

Death literacy makes our communities stronger and more compassionate

Death literacy is the reclaiming of our knowledge and understanding of the practicalities and practices of end of life, death, and after death. This includes not only the physical processes of end of life, active death, dying and after-death body care and ritual, but also body disposal and relevant health authority policies and regulations.
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How Can I Help You Today?

There are three branches to my work,

based on needs I saw in the end of life field:

  1. Comprehensive private end of life support and education services for clients and practitioners
  2. Comprehensive and inclusive online training in all 7 non-medical roles
  3. Grief psychotherapy for humans and pets

Personal End of Life Services

I offer personal end of life services across all 7 non-medical end of life roles. These include advance planning, end of life doula, home funerals and funeral celebrancy, and after-death rituals and legacy projects. Human and pet end of life and after-death services are provided, and atheist/secular clients are welcome.

Private services are complemented with discreet personal house clearing, mentoring and supervision for end of life workers. I also offer cold plate rental.

End of Life Consultant Training and Masterclasses

Traditional end of life training focused on one end of life role at a time, and was offered in intensive face-to-face format. To fill the information gap – and help support respect and dignity for everyone at end of life – my online training has a beginner’s short course, a full end of life consultant course, and a series of Masterclasses to choose from. 

As my course includes international information, overseas students are also welcome to enrol and will find their learning experience both rewarding and enriching.

Supervision and Mentoring for students and practitioners.

Face-to-face workshops available by arrangement.

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Grief Psychotherapy

I have over three decades of experience working in four countries as a psychotherapist. I specialise in grief and loss for humans and pet owners, PTSD, childhood sexual assault (CSA) and injury and trauma recovery. Complex, disenfranchised, historical and traumatic grief, including exposure to violent and unexpected deaths are a focus area of my work.

I am a skilled evidence-based EFT (tapping) practitioner, an art therapist registered with ANZACATA (for NDIS clients) and work online with Australian and overseas clients.

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