I have the distinct pleasure of being on two of the panels at this year’s Redesigning Deathcare conference in Melbourne Thursday 27-29 October.

With expert celebrant and moderator Bronte Price I am on the Queering Death panel, where I represent as the ally voice, and with mortuary and deathcare specialist moderator Rebecca Lyons I am on the home funeral panel where I will be talking about my micro compassionate community Mallon Model.

A woman with white curly hair, a big smile and a paisley dark peacock blue and magenta scarf around her neck smiles into the camera. There is a light patterned screen behind her.
I’d love to see you!

If you are at the conference please do come over and say hi*. Yes, I will be masked because I don’t want COVID again! Yes, there is an excellent chance I will be in Barbiecore or have a flamboyant scarf around my neck!

*Remember that I have face blindness and may not recognise you, so a gentle prompt is always appreciated.

If you are in Melbourne and want to say hi, please let me know – I do have a bit of coffee time tucked up my sleeve!