I think it will be fun – and useful – to invent some collective nouns for end of life work. What do you think??!

A pale cream background, purple border, text and the trademark purple dandelion logo for Gentle Death Education and Planning. "Collective nouns for end of life work. Let's have new year fun together and create some 'terms of assembly'. Dr Annetta Mallon gdep.com.au"

Based on the seven roles of end of life work I have some starting ideas – and I’d love to hear yours.

Advance planners:
An Arrangement or Articulate
A Folder
A Pocket

End of life / Death doulas:
A Compassion
A Vigil
A Dignity

After-death body care and ritual specialists:
A Revel
A Focus

Funerals – Home Funerals in particular:
A Haven
A Help

Legacy project creators:
A Joy or a Leap
Memorial project creators: A Myth or a Meaning

Death literacy advocates: A Dialogue or a Den
Compassionate community networkers: a Circle or a Connection

Grief therapists:
A Wonder
A Guide

I quite like “A Dignity of EOL Doulas” myself – what about you?