Want more GDEP than just the blog?!

You can follow GDEP on social media. Huzzah! I am on a variety of socials where you can find some fun, informative content about networking, end of life best practice, and the latest international changes to legislation around assisted dying and quality of life at end of life. It may seem strange that I have a post pointing out all the social media accounts, but when FB pulled all my content without warning because the algorithms determined I was a ‘news outlet’ (thank you – I think?!?) I decided to put all my links in one place for easy reference.

Some of us are more visual, and some like videos rather than text, so I do try to mix up my online presence. This helps me connect to more people, too.

This is Dr Annetta Mallon, a woman with a big smile and white curly hair. She is rolling her eyes up to the left in surprise that people don't know where to follow GDEP on social media. This posts helps you find GDEP on social media.
This was my response when FB pulled my page, including my Trademark logo banner, during the crackdown on Australian ‘news sources’. I wanted to be sure everyone knows where to follow me on social media after that!

Many Gentle Readers know that I advocate for good death literacy, and am happy to share research and international best practice and innovations, along with some personal insights and reflections of my own end of life practitioner journey. This will never change.

I also sometimes have silly, fun content – because I think it is also important to remember that A) life is not always completely grim, and neither is death and B) things can be tough enough without me insisting that we are all work and no play.

To this end, here are a full list of links where you can follow GDEP on social media, if that takes your fancy.