Good morning Gentle Reader! Today I am very excited to share a recording of a wonderful conversation I had with April Mahoney of On the Edge. April is a professional speaker, curious-minded person, influencer and downright all-round impressive 21st century woman.

From the get-go April runs a show that it’s a treat to be a part of – starting with the coolest introduction I’ve ever heard: “The place where the conversation is pointed, the guests are shrewd, and the responses are never dull!”

A still from a YouTube video with a woman with dark hair and skin, long braids and a sign held up that says "Hello Brains" is on the right and a woman with white curly hair, a big smile and a green scarf around her neck is on the left.

April invites us to “open our big brain” when she opens a session – I like it!

We cover everything from talking to children about death (one of April’s common questions for grief recovery specialists, as she puts it), pet death, the ins and outs of sex with a dead friend’s spouse, reincarnation and navigating grief in everyday life.
I’ve already had a good deal of positive feedback from people who note that our talk was lively and far-ranging, including April’s deeply-held religious beliefs.

For anyone who isn’t sure how an atheist and a religious person can have a respectful, laughter-filled, honest conversation between them, I recommend you start with our conversation. I am often asked if I only work with or interact with other atheists, so I think this session with April can put that idea safely and comfortably to bed!

You can watch the video on April’s YouTube channel

If you would like to talk to me about any of the topics discussed during my conversation with April – or if you have other questions you would like to ask me about my work, training or services – please email

I am happy to help.