End of Life Consultant and Education Courses

From a beginners taster course, to Masterclasses and a full end of life consultant course, GDEP offers evidence-based, inclusive training that suits your schedule and your budget.

Imagine if we gave how we treat end of life as much thought as we do as other milestones. If a funeral or wake got the same treatment as a wedding, how much easier would it be to celebrate and grieve? If we researched and planned as thoroughly as we do for a holiday as we did should we lose our ability to make choices through accident, illness or disability, can you imagine how less stressed and strained our family or friends would be?

Can you imagine how many hearts and heads would be saved from irretrievable damage if we could simply admit we need to know more about death as a society?

I have developed my evidence-based online end of life training to help everyday people reduce that heartbreak. I am on a mission to transform death through sound knowledge, practical training that adults of all ages can access anytime, anywhere.

Find your course

From absolute beginners, to seasoned experts, Gentle Death Education and Planning offers a range of course types to suit you.

Choose from the beginners introduction course to the comprehensive full end of life consultant training course, with Masterclasses for those looking to enrich their knowledge and best practice.

GDEP has a course that is right for you.

End of life consultant course

For everyone who wants best practice and comprehensive information.

End of life for beginners

Curious about end of life and supporting your person but don’t know where to start? This short taster course is perfect to help you understand the basics, and is ideal for anyone new to end of life learning.


Want a deep dive into specific end of life topics? You’ve come to the right place!

Become a true expert

GDEP’s courses offer international information, best practice standards, and well-rounded content. You learn from expert contributors and can review the course content at any time.

Inclusiveness and cultural sensitivity can be overlooked in teaching end of life care. But not here. I’ve made a commitment to ensuring my course is as friendly to the LGBTQIA+ community as it is to racial diversity. And that it is sex positive and kink-friendly.

GDEP’s online learning design means you can study at a time that suits you

With busy schedules and multiple commitments in our busy modern lives, fitting into a rigid study schedule isn’t always easy – so all the learning materials are online for you and always available. Enjoy!

This is Dr Annetta Mallon, a woman with a big smile and white curly hair.
This is Dr Annetta Mallon, a woman with a big smile and white curly hair.

Freedom to study wherever you like

Study in the places you love!

Want to take some time outside while you learn? You can, with fully online content. And, with live QandA sessions each month, you can attend the session from your garden, office, or favourite cafe. Learn with comfort!

Support your loved ones well

Everyone deserves a good death

Give the gift of a good death to family, friends, and your community with this evidence-based end of life training. Perfect for future end of life consultants, death doulas or anyone wanting to support family or friends through end of life.

Let’s create a world where death is no longer a taboo and individual choices are respected

This is Dr Annetta Mallon, a woman with a big smile and white curly hair. She is with her Malamute X Shepherd dog named Cully

This course allows for training with understanding…

The End of Life Consultant, Doula and Advance Planning training course, I believe, is for both professional and lay persons on a topic that we all need to engage with, but more importantly the course allows for training with understanding. “

John Shepherd, death positive advocate


What's different about your end of life training?

In recent times, the death positive movement has gained significant momentum. No longer content to accept off-the-rack, expensive and cookie cutter approaches to death and dying, people are standing up in record numbers for our right to die in a way that reflects us as individuals.

And why wouldn’t we? Death is our last great hurrah. The act of dying is deeply personal. So, it stands to reason that we would innovate the industry to match.

My course includes innovations, multiple perspectives and inclusive content for minority populations including kinksters, people with disabilities, and migrants.

Do you have a payment plan?

For the full course, yes.

You pay upfront for the Beginner’s cours and the Masterclasses, and the full course has the option of either a  one-time payment or a 12 month payment plan.

How do I ask questions?

You can always email questions to me, or you can attend one of the regular QandA sessions we have built into the courses. These sessions are free to students.

I think I want to work in the end of life field, but how can I be sure?

If you don’t have much – or any – experience, don’t worry! Everyone starts somewhere.

If you aren’t sure if this is the right area for you, then I suggest you begin with beginner’s guide course – this will give you the background and information you need to help you decide if you want to pursue further studies in the end of life arena.

Ready to get started?

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