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End of life consultant, education and psychotherapy services

Plan your end of life
and live better

End of life consultant services

End of life doula, advance planning, home funerals, advocacy, discreet home clearing, cold plate rental, after-death body care and ritual, creative projects – and more.

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Online training

A comprehensive and inclusive end of life training course that includes all 7 end of life roles. Ideal for everyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners looking to deepen and improve their skill set, you can begin now and study at your own pace in a supportive environment.

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Grief psychotherapy services

Support services for grief and loss, injury and trauma recovery, childhood sexual assault (CSA) and PTSD – including complex and disenfranchised grief and exposure to violent death. Evidence-based EFT

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We can all have a better end of life and death

Everyone deserves dignity and respect at end of life.

Plan your end of life and live better

Learn to support your people at end of life

Understand why inclusive language and practice matters at end of life

Access evidence-based personal services, online training with international best practice standards, and EFT psychotherapy for grief, loss, and trauma recovery

What is an end of life consultant?

An End Of Life Consultant is someone with strong death literacy who supports both clients and the general community to grow in resilience, skills and knowledge around rights, options and choices for end of life. Ideally a practitioner will bring expertise, humour, calm, support, and comfort to those who are planning and/or preparing for advance wishes, advance planning, end of life options, death and dying, funerals, after-death body care, legacy and memorial projects, and grief support. 

There are 7 non-medical end of life roles, and Dr Annetta Mallon – founder of Gentle Death Education and Planning (GDEP) – offers expert services in all 7 of these roles. You will also find supplementary services like cold plate rental, discreet personal house cleaning, and mentoring of new end of life consultants offered by Annetta listed here on the services pages.

GDEP offers inclusive and respectful services in a safe space for all clients. Annetta and GDEP are secular, agnostic and atheist-welcoming, kink- and disability-friendly, sex-positive, pet-friendly and are proud to be an LBGTIQA+ ally to members of the queer communities. Annetta follows all relevant federal and state legislation at all times.


Everyone deserves dignity and respect at end of life

Whatever your personal identity, sexual orientation, lifestyle preferences, ethnic background or ability, you are assured dignity, respect and cultural safety at every stage of your end of life journey.

Ensuring everyone has dignity and is treated with respect at every stage of your end of life journey is the ethos of my practice.

My pet is getting old and I am not sure what my options are - can you help me?

Our pets and companion animals are central parts of our lives and families. At GDEP we love pets. Your pet, and your grief and loss when a pet dies, will be treated carefully and respectfully.

The first step is to listen to your questions and ideas, then create a plan to ensure the best quality of life for your pet’s end of life, and ensure that you feel supported at every stage of our work together.

Complementary services for clients and practitioners
  • Cold plate rental for keeping a body safely and legally cooled for home viewings, funerals, and body care and ritual. Massage table available at no extra charge, or use on a regular bed/
  • Mentoring and supervision for practitioners and students. Debrief, gain insight, improve reflexive practice and professional standards.
I have a diagnosis, but my prognosis is very good. When should I talk to you about my final wishes and plans?

As soon as possible – ideally your planning can be done pre-need, and your important conversations begun well in advance of any disease progression. You can work with me, get everything in place and not need to be in touch for years – that is fine and perfectly normal. 

As none of us know how long we have, I always recommend that planning and wishes are discussed at length as early as possible.

Respecting lifestyle and keeping confidentiality

Those with particular lifestyle practices, personal collections and accoutrement may avail themselves of the GDEP confidential home cleaning and decluttering service. Respectful, boundaried and discreet. Email Annetta for further details.

  • Discreet partial or full home cleaning and decluttering by arrangement. Keep your lifestyle and personal secrets safe.


Thanks for your guidance Annetta, mum died at 5pm, we were with her holding her hands and you are right, it was very special.

So very grateful to you for empowering me to believe it was possible.

Maggie C

Annetta has been assisting me with dealing with the deaths of three of my immediate family members. I have found her empathy and compassion invaluable.

We are now embarking on a course of EFT and Psychotherapy to deal with long term trauma and I feel completely comfortable disclosing very personal details to her.

Annetta is kind and comforting but with a wicked sense of humour to lighten the mood where appropriate. She is an accomplished therapist and I have no hesitation in recommending her for grief therapy, EFT and Psychotherapy. Her compassionate yet knowledgeable and diligent work in the area of dying and death is second to none.

Leesa L

Annetta was kind, insightful and empowering in assisting me with the grief following my Dad’s death. The session was powerful and cathartic and I will always be thankful for Annetta’s time, professionalism, excellence and heart.
Margie McCumstie
Owner, Metamorphosis Ceremonies

About Me

An expert in grief and loss, education, sociology, advocacy, and personal stories, I have been a psychotherapist for more than three decades specialising in grief and loss, injury and trauma recovery, and personal growth and development for clients. I hold a PhD in social sciences, a Master of Art Therapy, a BA in fine art, and have been a writer and poet most of my life. With over a decade of university teaching and content creation behind me, I also bring a wealth of knowledge about online and face-to-face education and learning.

As one of Australia’s leading end of life consultants and educators, my extensive range of services include grief support and counselling, advance planning and end of life doula (aka death doula) work, along with creative responses to end of life and death, client advocacy and community death literacy. Well-versed in all 7 end of life roles, I am happy to accommodate client needs that require expertise in multiple areas of end of life work.

End of Life Consultant Services

Annetta offers all 7 non-medical end of life roles in her service set – from pre-need to long-term grief.

Whether you have received a terminal or life-limiting diagnosis, or are preparing your end of life documents in order to have your life organised in case of the unexpected, Annetta is here to support you.

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Training and Workshops

Annetta offers training in End of Life Consultancy, Doula work and advance planning, and is available to offer peer support and professional guidance, counselling, and mentoring for other end of life consultants, doulas and end of life practitioners.

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Annetta is a psychotherapist who has worked for more than three decades concentrating on the areas of grief and loss, injury and trauma recovery, and personal growth and development for clients. EFT for grief, complex trauma and PTSD are included in psychotherapy services.

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