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A quick peek at a body farm, aka taphonomic cemetery

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I am often asked about 'alternative' methods of body disposal - different to traditional burial or cremation, in other words - and there is a growing interest in body farms.
Sign from the world's first body farm in Knoxville, Tennessee

Body farms are relatively rare - one currently operating in Australia and seven in the USA - and bodies are placed in a variety of environments for scientists to study so we better understand how decomposition behaves in differing environments. Examples include shallow burial, clothed and unclothed, and in differing soil types. These are not cemeteries in the traditional sense, and members of the general public are not permitted access. When you donate your body for science to a body farm you will be forwarding the understanding of science, but not available for public viewing or visiting.

You do need to apply for acceptance to a taphonomic cemetery, and demand is quite high so advance planning is essential. If you would like to know more about your rights and options for body disposal at end of life please get in touch - I am happy to help you explore the possibilities.

Let's talk - email to make an appointment.

FAIR WARNING: the attached contains graphic images and content, and much of the video narrative is unnecessarily negative in perspective.

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