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A wonderful, laughter-filled conversation with Marie Allesi

Many Gentle Readers are aware that I am a big fan of networking and community-building, and today I had both.

Marie Alessi, speaker author and coach, hosts a regular conversational discussion with a variety of guests for her followers of thinking about grief and loss differently. I was today's guest, and what a treat it was to spend time talking with Marie.

A picture of Marie Allesi, a woman with straight light brown hair, blue eyes and a happy smile.
Marie Alessi is a vibrant, passionate coach and advocate for positive personal growth after loss.

Marie's approach to grief is 'upspiral' - making a space for the positive outcomes, growth and gifts that come in the aftermath of a death. A widow with young growing boys, Marie walks her talk with enthusiasm and beautifully-articulated insight.

In our talk - available in full here on Marie's YouTube channel - we unpacked why I am drawn to the kind I grief work I offer, the importance of sex, intimacy and connection after a death as part of the natural progression of life, and how EFT can be a highly effective tool for working with grieving people.

I don't think I could have had a more positive and genuinely enjoyable conversation on this gratitude Tuesday. I hope you had some good conversations today too.

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