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Anniversary musings

This week has multiple anniversaries in it, and I've been thinking about what that means to me.

On the first of December Cully and I had stopped off to visit one of my dearest friends, Mark, and that made leaving the mainland seem even more bright and full of hope and possibility than ever because Mark was planning to visit us in Tasmania. We talked about timelines and things we could do together. It was a great afternoon and the best possible sendoff before boarding the pet-friendly ferry The Spirit of Tasmania to cross Bass Strait overnight.

On the 2nd of December 2020 Cully and I officially arrived in Tasmania to live, so this week has a happy anniversary in it. When I arrived at the house the movers were already there with the very nice real estate agent and the move was complete. Even though Hubs couldn't join us for several weeks as our house up north hadn't settled, I felt good and pretty bouncy considering the amount of organising and unpacking to be done. It was a long, but satisfying, day.

A picture of Dr Annetta Mallon, a woman with white curly hair and a colourful scarf around her neck and her Malamute X Shepherd dog Cully. Both are gazing to the left of the photograph and there is a tree behind them.
Cully and I often gaze out into the landscape together - Cully especially likes looking at light on water.

Admittedly though, if I'd known that a mere 5 months later I would be moving house again to our forever property in Meander I might have felt less gleeful about how much energy I had even after the movers had dropped everything else off the following day. (TLDR we had a large and small truckload delivered over 2 days.)

Hubs managed to be absent for both sets of moving vans arriving, PLUS the second single move later on in April BTW. Well played sir!

Then, on the 5th of December 2020 I received a message informing me that Mark had died unexpectedly, so this week also has a sorrowful anniversary in it. My beloved friend never did get to see our new home, or do any of the things we planned together.

I find it interesting that I have been so busy in my new office and settling in with work here that I completely missed the anniversary on the 2nd - it was only when I remembered this morning that today was the first anniversary of Mark's death that I realised that it's been a whole year.

Even when death, grief, end of life and the unexpected are all a common, every day part of my work it still catches me off guard.

I hope you have a day that is light on grief and full of joys.

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