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Changes to my appointment system

Good morning Gentle Reader - I hope this finds you well and not too stressed on a Friday.

As many of you know I have the office up and running, and am working on a number of projects, both writing and educational, as well as maintaining my psychotherapy practice including grief and trauma support, supervision and mentoring. I am fortunate to have a safe and welcoming place to work and to have people who find benefit in my services.

The therapy corner of Gentle Death Education and Planning's Deloraine office in northern Tasmania. There is a blue , green and gold circular patterned rug on the floor, 2 daybed lounges with colourful cushions, an internal window with business cards and a small information board on the sill, and light white curtains on the far wall. A cold plate sits against the back wall and a sideboard is visible on the right hand wall.
We can talk in comfort - both online AND in person at my office in the dedicated therapy corner.

What many people don't realise however is that my schedule can be rather complex, as I not only work with people around Australia in a variety of time zones in both standard and daylight savings times, but I also have international clients - so I have face to face as well as Zoom sessions from early morning to evening time. Australian and overseas clients need to be booked in during standard and daylight savings times, which frequently seems at cross-purposes with each other, but we get our times figured out in the end.

However, as a result of a very busy and interesting schedule I find myself needing a guarantee that my time will be treated respectfully by everyone, and that no one who wants to work with me or talk to me misses out as my waiting list expands.

If you are unable to make a session, without at least 24 hours notice or a compelling reason, the full session fee will be charged as my time has already been allotted to you.

To help prompt people to attend their session - whether for education and training or therapy and counselling - all invoices will now be issued at the time of booking, so you can easily pay in advance.

Please note that there are no changes to package purchases, as these are already paid for in advance.

Cold plate rental will now also have a 50% non-refundable deposit based on two days hire.

As always, late arrival to a session does not mean a late finish time- in this way we don't affect other clients with later session appointments on the same day. I appreciate your professionalism and respect for both of our time, as well as the needs of other clients.

Thank you.

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