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Death Literacy and AI - a way forward for End of Life Doulas in hospitals?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

A new AI diagnostic approach to flagging patients for advance planning conversations for end of life and quality of life could be a way for End of Life Consultants, Doulas, and planners to work with medical practitioners and hospital administrative staff.
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Both medical and administrative staff could work together with End of Life Consultants to help bring advance planning onto hospital wards, benefitting hospital resource pathing and patient outcomes simultaneously.

The AI system uses an algorithm that calculates the likelihood of a person dying within the next 12 months - and while this may sound cold and calculating, this kind of information can help hospital staff understand who the most urgent candidates are for advance planning conversations. Increasing death literacy and encouraging advance planning is a good and desirable goal for every facet of society, and while hospital staff are increasingly pressed for time and have a priority to direct resources to those who genuinely want them, End of Life Consultants, Doulas and advance planners are three of the end of life worker categories ideally positioned to facilitate conversations with patients. Research has demonstrated that when advance planning is in place, hospitals benefit from directing their resources more appropriately rather than indiscriminately using heroic measures on all patients.

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