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Did you know Gentle Death Events and Planning offers...?

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Today I want to let you know that there is more to me and my business than gorgeous hair and glitter!

You might assume that you know all about my services, but take a closer look at this list, the Services page, the About page, and the Fees and Pricing page. You may be surprised...

Here are a few fun Gentle Death Events and Planning (GDEP) facts for you that you may not know:

* GDEP is kink-friendly * Gift certificates are available for almost all services * Annetta is a diversity-welcoming and inclusive practitioner * GDEP is a safe space and Annetta is an LBGTIQA+ ally * You can call for a free 10 minute chat to see if we will be a good 'fit' together for end of life work * GDEP offers house decluttering and cleaning ( this service is separate to engaging Annetta as your end of life doula), including discrete and confidential purging of personal sexual equipment and toys. * Annetta offers professional peer-support and mentoring to end of life doulas and other end of life workers * Annetta works with pet owners as well as humans for all EOL services

* Atheist and secular services for rationalists, scientists, atheists, and non-believing agnostics

Full details available on the website:

Let's talk - email for an appointment today.

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