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GDEP is about to launch an innovative End of Life Training course - meet the experts for Tier 1

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

As keen-eyed Gentle Readers are aware, a comprehensive and inclusive End of Life Consultant training program is launching soon from GDEP and Dr Annetta Mallon - but what many of you may not know is that there are a variety of experts from Australia and overseas who are contributing their own specialist content to the course to ensure the course is as complete as possible for students. This series of posts will highlight a contributor, and provide an overview of the specialist knowledge and experience they will bring to the learning experience.

Ms Rebecca Lyons of You n' Taboo

Hobart Australia

Specialist: international funeral and body disposal options, home funeral and after-death body care rituals and practices, future directions of the field.
This is a headshot photograph of Rebecca Lyons, looking straight into the camera. Rebecca is a woman with long dark hair and dark eyes, and she is wearing a large, circular silver pendant necklace around her throat.
Rebecca Lyons is a national expert in funeral practices and body disposal options internationally.

A Churchill Fellow and experienced funeral director, Rebecca is passionate about community engagement and understanding of death and after-death ritual and practices for home funerals in particular. In addition to being a funeral director and trained End of Life Doula, Rebecca is also quite active in her local state of Tasmania for death-positive events and community awareness of the possibilities for personal, family-led and home funeral options, as well as after-death body care for family members. Rebecca's decade of professional work in funerals and after-death body care comes from a lifetime of experiences and interactions with death and dying from a young age. Natural burial protocols and the possibilities of establishing practical, innovative, and environmentally- and socially-sustainable practices for body disposal and human remains are of particular interest to Rebecca.

Owner of You n' Taboo, Rebecca Lyons, stands behind her bespoke casket lid blackboard. Rebecca wears a floral dress with her dark hair worn long, and there are death-positive words written in coloured chalk on the coffin lid. Words include "Death in a word", peace, certainty.
Rebecca has a bespoke and eye-catching blackboard for public events.

GDEP's students will be able to learn from Rebecca in multiple stages of the course - including the introductory level of Tier 1 and specialist Masterclasses for body disposal and home funerals (each of which will become available over the coming months). Rebecca is calm, humorous, organised, and absolutely client-centred, so you will be able to learn general planning and after-death best practice standards of professional comportment while taking in information about rights, options, choices, and cutting-edge international innovations (as well as why some approaches are not feasible in the long-term, or appropriate in all cultures). If you are lucky enough to live in Tasmania, you may have already seen or spoken to Rebecca at a public event, where her signature casket-lid blackboard is a feature. Not only an ideal ice-breaker, the coloured chalk Rebecca always brings with her encourages normal, everyday conversations about death and dying that include children and families.

Who is the GDEP End of Life Consultant training for?

Anyone and everyone. From absolute beginners who want a new career in the growth field of end of life work - or someone who wants to better support a person you love at end of life - to seasoned end of life workers, this training is designed to offer new ideas, experiences, stories, and approaches to professional practice and healthy self-care for planners, End of Life Doulas, grief workers, and funeral celebrants, home funeral advocates, and death literacy enthusiasts. Each of the four core Tiers, and the in-depth specialist-subject Masterclasses, draws on multiple perspectives, ensuring that you will be able to offer the best possible standard of care and support for all your client's needs. If you have questions about the course please email or you can enrol at today. Let's talk. And learn.

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