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GDEP is about to launch an innovative End of Life Training course - meet the experts for Tier 1

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

As keen-eyed Gentle Readers are aware, a comprehensive and inclusive End of Life Consultant training program is launching soon from GDEP and Dr Annetta Mallon - but what many of you may not know is that there are a variety of experts from Australia and overseas who are contributing their own specialist content to the course to ensure the course is as complete as possible for students. This series of posts will highlight a contributor, and provide an overview of the specialist knowledge and experience they will bring to the learning experience.

Ms Jessica Harkins of Six Onions

Sydney, Australia

Specialist: Graphic design, branding, marketing, content, websites, photography. "It's all about the layers."
Jessica Harkins is a young woman with dark eyes, long dark hair and Campbells Soup novelty earrings in her ears. Jessica is looking at the camera with a happy smile.
Jessica is a versatile and incredibly experienced graphic designer who incorporates branding, nuance, and the context of each project into a seamless, visually-stunning product.

Jessica - Designs to live, lives to design

A visual storyteller, outside-the-box thinker, and strategic brand builder, Jessica is obsessed with designing good looking things. Her mission is to rid the world of design that burns the eyeballs. Freelancing in different forms for 20+ years, Jessica's business Six Onions was created in 2012. Six Onions - because each project is like an onion with many layers, through idea, concept, construction, development and use and there’s an onion for each creative service in the soup*.

*Yes, the name "Six Onions" contains a soup reference. See Jessica's website for details.

This is one of Jessica Harkins' logos. Semi-circle multicoloured layers curve upwards, outlining the different aspects of Jessica's work. The layers are: concept, planning, development, construction, execution, deployment.
Jessica seamlessly integrates all these layers into her polished and beautiful designs.

As much as GDEP prides itself on the quality of the content on the website and in the online course, the fact of the matter is that web design, models, and graphic design are not born out of the ether, which is why an artist and creator like Jessica needs to be showcased as much as any of the content contributors to the education side of the training course. The website, logo and branding, layout and visual models (both in the recorded content and in some of the downloadable resources) have been created by Jessica.

Professionalism in end of life work, like any other business, begins with a client's - or student's - first impression, and Jessica is a big part of why GDEP has such a strong and positive digital presence. GDEP and Dr Annetta Mallon extend thanks and happiness to Jessica for making the training course look really, really good while being user-friendly and easy to navigate. Ta Jessica!

Who is the GDEP End of Life Consultant training for? Anyone and everyone. From absolute beginners who want a new career in the growth field of end of life work - or someone who wants to better support a person you love at end of life - to seasoned end of life workers, this training is designed to offer new ideas, experiences, stories, and approaches to professional practice and healthy self-care for planners, End of Life Doulas, grief workers, and funeral celebrants, home funeral advocates, compassionate community supporters and death literacy enthusiasts. Each of the four core Tiers, and the in-depth specialist-subject Masterclasses, draws on multiple perspectives, ensuring that you will be able to offer the best possible standard of care and support for all your client's needs. To register your interest in the course please email or visit the training page on the GDEP website. Let's talk. And learn.

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