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GDEP is about to launch an innovative End of Life Training course - meet the experts for Tier 1

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

As keen-eyed Gentle Readers are aware, a comprehensive and inclusive End of Life Consultant training program is launching soon from GDEP and Dr Annetta Mallon - but what many of you may not know is that there are a variety of experts from Australia and overseas who are contributing their own specialist content to the course to ensure the course is as complete as possible for students. This series of posts will highlight a contributor, and provide an overview of the specialist knowledge and experience they will bring to the learning experience.

Mr Ian Shearer
SydneyAustralia Specialist: First Nation Australian perspectives on community, death, body disposal and intercultural relations.

Ian is a culturally-initated proud Wodi Wodi man. Ian holds a Social Science Hons degree in Policing, and is currently a PhD candidate with Western Sydney University (WSU), investigating Indigenous Australian health with a focus on hearing and health communications between the western biomedical and cultural models and First Nation Australians. Ian is a lecturer and tutor for WSU in the greater Western Sydney area, a region his family has lived and worked in for decades.

In appropriate consultation with elders from several mobs around Australia (including his own), Ian has generously contributed culturally-approved and -appropriate content regarding Aboriginal Australian beliefs, historical practices, and cultural history of death and body disposal. GDEP and Dr Annetta Mallon are honoured to have culturally-appropriate Indigenous Australian perspectives and approaches to death and body disposal form part of the course content for students, recognising that dying, death, and spirit are aspects of First Nation community life and practices that require a good deal of thought, respect, and contextual consideration. Dr Annetta Mallon and GDEP wish to express their thanks and gratitude to Ian and all the elders and mobs who have given their time and attention to detail in approving important, culturally sensitive content to the course. Ian is pictured wearing a shirt from the Aboriginal Australian clothing compan Bundarra. See here for information and items for purchase.

Who is the GDEP End of Life Consultant training for? Anyone and everyone. From absolute beginners who want a new career in the growth field of end of life work - or someone who wants to better support a person you love at end of life - to seasoned end of life workers, this training is designed to offer new ideas, experiences, stories, and approaches to professional practice and healthy self-care for planners, End of Life Doulas, grief workers, and funeral celebrants, home funeral advocates, and death literacy enthusiasts. Each of the four core Tiers, and the in-depth specialist-subject Masterclasses, draws on multiple perspectives, ensuring that you will be able to offer the best possible standard of care and support for all your client's needs. To register your interest in the course please email or visit the training page on the GDEP website. Let's talk. And learn.

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