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GDEP's online End of Life Consultant training course is open for students!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Are you ready to begin your studies in the rapidly-expanding field of end of life work?

GDEP now offers a fully online, inclusive and comprehensive training course which includes all seven roles of non-medical end of life work, a variety of expert contributors, and the contexts of language across the end of life work spectrum.

Dr Annetta Mallon is a woman with white curly hair and a purple scarf wrapped around her head. She is smiling at the camera while standing outside in the sunlight.
Interested in supporting somone you love at end of life but aren't sure what to do? Study online at your own pace with GDEP.

The first of four core Tiers is now available for purchase - drip-fed to encourage good study habits without burnout.

Evidence-based information in this course component is brought to you by End of Life Consultant and educator Dr Annetta Mallon, alongside Ian Shearer, Dr Tinashe Dune, Rebecca Lyons and Dr Kerrie Noonan.

Study anywhere, anytime that suits you with an online delivery that is paced to your needs as a student - the GDEP Handbook is included!

Whether you are new to end of life work, want to know more about advance planning, are interested in funeral and personal ritual, or already work in some end of life roles but want to expand your service set, GDEP's online training has something for you.

This is a picture of all the Tier 1 contributors to the GDEP End of Life Consultant online training course.
Ian Shearer, Dr Annetta Mallon, Dr Tinashe Dune, Rebecca Lyons, Dr Kerrie Noonan, Jessica Harkins and Claire Chittleborough are all contributors to Tier 1.

Evidence-based, up to date information, a full lexicon and discussion of language and dignity at end of life - if you are curious about learning from best practice leaders in the field, this is the course you have been waiting for.

Visit to enrol today.

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