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I am on the Death Dialogues Project podcast - you can listen now

I have the pleasure of being this week's guest with Becky Aud-Jennison on her long-running podcast where the transformative power of grief is discussed with a new guest each episode. I am #80!
A headshot of Dr Annetta Mallon, a woman with curly white hair, a big smile, and a multicoloured scarf around her neck.
Look for this photo of me to find episode 80 on Becky's page.

I talk with Becky about my earliest experiences with grief and how they still inform my grief work to this day, what I (might!) do to a child rather than lie to them about death and dying, and why advance planning and the important conversations are such a gift to the people you love.

You can listen on a number of platforms, but here's the Spotify link for a start. You can find more episodes on your podcast player of choice, or go to the Death Dialogues Project podcast page to learn more.

If you are interested in enrolling in my course after listening to the podcast email me at and mention the podcast - I will send you a discount code of 50% off your purchase. Happy listening!

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