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I offer grief and trauma psychotherapy, EFT, and support services

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

As many Gentle Readers are aware, I am not only an end of life consultant, and educator, but I am also a grief, trauma, and loss specialist therapist. I have three decades of experience working in three countries with grief and loss, injury and trauma recovery, PTSD, and personal growth and development (this last I personally consider to be firmly linked to grief and trauma processing).

I have worked with survivors of incest, rape, domestic violence, combat, first responders, police and firefighters. I have worked with people who have had surgeries go wrong and permanently alter their ability to work and live life the way they used to - I have also worked with people after severe car and workplace accidents who need to learn a new way to physically and emotionally navigate the world. Grief and trauma can take many forms, and I have been dedicated to improving my skillset as a psychotherapist over the years in order to offer clients a comprehensive set of options for their own therapy journey.

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Grief and loss can make us feel quite isolated in and from the world. I have a range of tools to offer that can help you navigate your own grief or trauma journey more effectively - EFT, in particular, is rapid and highly-effective.

My grief- and trauma-based services take several forms, from talking to creative processes, movement-based therapy and evidence-based Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or 'tapping'). For PTSD in particular, but also for difficult life events in general, clinical EFT is very fast and effective in lowering stress and helping us cope with our body responses to trauma. I do not consider it possible to 'cure' PTSD, but I do know that the volume can be turned right down on our responses when we live with PTSD which EFT helps us to achieve in a remarkably swift and effective way. There is a solid and growing body of evidence behind clinical EFT - including five dismantling studies, for all the research mavens out there - and I only offer evidence-based services to my clients. The Department of Defence in the USA endorses EFT for combat veterans with PTSD as the efficacy rate is proven to be 96%, as opposed to a low 12% efficacy for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) interventions for PTSD. You can read more about evidence-based EFT here.

In terms of grief support following a death or other distressing life events, EFT is a non-intrusive form of stress-reducing therapy as you do not have to 'talk' to me in order to have the benefit of the tapping. The obvious benefit here is that when we are feeling overwhelmed or caught up in a distressing life event we may not be able to speak. Sometimes it is too difficult to articulate and describe what we are feeling, thinking, or dreaming about - EFT allows us to work together without any additional pressure to talk in any detail, or at all if that is what works best for you. Silent tapping is as effective as tapping with words, supports rapid stress reduction in the same way that talking with tapping can, but removes any pressure to put words around the sometimes huge and amorphous feelings that can be present with both grief and PTSD alike.

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EFT can be done with people of any age - yes, the elderly and children alike can benefit from tapping and learning the basic technique is reasonably straightforward- and mirror neurons help the rapid effect of EFT. For further information please get in touch for an appointment. Details are on the 'Contact' page.

And further to evidence-based practice: following the recent research into efficacy of therapy session length, I now offer 90 minute sessions, rather than the more traditional 50 or 60 minute session. A strong body of evidence now shows that a 90 minute interaction between therapist and client offers the best outcomes for clients post-session, rather than a short hourly session. Please see my Fees and Pricing page for details.

Whether you have experienced a traumatic loss in your life, been exposed to unexpected or violent death, or are living with the echoes and altered functioning that follow highly stressful and personally challenging life situations, I am here to offer a range of psychotherapy and practical approaches to help you live your life more effectively and better. I am a highly-experienced grief and loss specialist who is a compassionate listener and non-judgemental practitioner.

Let's talk. Or, at the very least, let's tap, please email me at to make an appointment

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