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Inclusive, respectful, and appropriate LBGTIQA+ ageing and end of life practices.

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

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Funerals should always be inclusive, and can be as vibrant as you like to represent a life lived fully and proudly

There is a new resource out from the wonderful team at The National LBGTI Health Alliance and the Silver Rainbow - The Rainbow Makers - Cultural Safety and older LBGTI Australians is based on the experiences of an older Australian lesbian named Malloy. This resource is free, and offers a personal narrative of how hard it can be for ageing and older members of our LBGTIQA+ community to feel safe when they need help and a community network of support around them.

Please share this resource with anyone you think will benefit.

Understanding the history of how queer community members have been abused, mistreated, and discriminated against by mainstream groups, government policy, religions, and law is important. When we understand the background and history we are all better positioned to support, advocate for, respect, follow cues regarding anonymity and confidentiality, and to know why ageing and aged care support can be especially challenging for LBGTIQA+ persons.

I am an End Of Life Consultant and end of life doula who is an inclusive Ally and I offer a safe space to all my clients. If you are a member of the LBGTIQA+ community and would like to know more about advance planning, your rights and choices at end of life, how an end of life doula can support you through end of life and death, or if you would like to know more about how an end of life doula can help you create a compassionate community of support for yourself at end of life please contact me. I offer discretion, respect, and confidentiality, and all decisions are client-led in my practice, ensuring that clients feel empowered as well as safe.

I specialise in client support, advocacy, confidentiality, respectful and inclusive decision making, and consumer advocacy as well as education. I am also a NSW JP and offer mobile services to all Gentle Death Events and Planning clients.

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