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Let's deal with the facts: A better understanding of COVID-19

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

As discussed in a previous post, a good part of the psychotherapy work I am doing at the moment is addressing anxiety, stress, fear and upset around COVID-19 - not only for people whose work and personal routines are in disruption (and that can be quite stressful to deal with), but for those who are not able to attend funerals and deathbeds for those they love and care about. Grief and sorrow can be complex following any death, however complexity is quite common when people have not been able to be with someone at their end of life, and for some of us a funeral is essential in terms of moving forward from raw grief in meaningful ways.

Given that travel bans are in place, as is self-isolation/quarantine, which means sometimes the only people present at a funeral are the workers for a funeral home or crematorium, the death anxiety and fear of the unknown is ramping up to excessive levels on social media platforms. Much of the fuel to the fire of fear comes from misinformation and disinformation - which can spread quite rapidly as clickbait... Here is a TED Talk that comes from a global health consultant Alanna Shaikh, and I hope watching it will help allay some of your fears.

Remember that I am currently offering a 20% discount on the first two EFT psychotherapy sessions for anyone experiencing stress relating to the novel coronavirus. To make an appointment please email me at - as all appointments with clients at this time are taking place online via the video conference call platform Zoom international and long distance clients are happily accommodated. Until we can meet, here is a picture of Cully to help lift your spirits until our appointment time together.

Cully is a Malamute cross German Shepherd dog. Cully has Malamute markings with German Shepherd colouring. Cully is wet from the ocean, sitting on the sand in the sun at the beach. Cully holds a large green squeaky alligator toy in his mouth. The toy alligator is wearing glasses. Cully's fur is wet as he has just swum out to get his toy in the ocean.
This is Cully with a squeaky gator toy at our local dog beach. Cully sends the comforting, happy tail thumps your way!

Let's talk. And tap. But first, wash your hands!

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