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Motivation Monday

We have a public holiday here in Australia, but it is still a Monday and the beginning of a new week - ensuring I have time blocked out for tasks helps me be more productive and feel better at the end of the day. Good time management (another form of advance planning) means I can also be focused on my clients, students, and work knowing that I don't have to guess at how my time will stretch to fit everything in.
A week by week diary planner sits open on a desk with a vase of pink carnations and a glass jar with coloured chalk sticks.
Love colour and visuals? Use colour-coded highlighters and gel pens to write out your diary and schedule appointments. Be sure and pick a scheduler that suits your lifestyle, too.

Today I have scheduled rest periods and down time, but I do have commitments to fulfil on the education side of things, so I will attend to those during the hottest part of the day. In the cooler hours I can get some gardening in as well as Cully time. It is important that I have both business/work time and 'me' time, otherwise I can get lost in work and lose my personal balance.

A schedule also means that I can easily make time for unexpected additions to my day from new clients contacting me, for students who need some support, and for existing clients who may be shifting in their needs. For example, last week I was contacted by several new students looking for further information about my course - writing personalised responses and answering individual questions takes time, but with a schedule I can give my full time and attention to the task at hand.

I use some of my Monday morning time to map out my week ahead, and putting things in writing saves me time and energy later on. Working in death literacy and end of life means a schedule actually gives me flexibility and choice - which I like.

What do you do to make your week smoother and more productive? If you would like to know how you can organise your own time when you know someone who is at end of life, please email me at - I am happy to offer suggestions and support. Let's talk.

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