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New article with my original research - open access!

Some Gentle Readers may be aware that I am in the process of writing up findings from an original research project I conducted with end of life doulas in four countries.

This model came from reviewing the work practices of end of life doulas in several countries, none of whom had a standardised, easy to reproduce approach to creating, facilitating, and managing effective compassionate communities when someone wants to die at home. This model accommodates personality types, individual needs and wishes, and is built to avoid both carer burnout and shame regarding levels of care and interaction for a dying person.

Today I am proud to announce that the first publication from my research is now available from Palliative Care and Social Practice, a SAGE journal.

You can find the article " Compassionate community structure and function: a standardised micro-model for end-of-life doulas and community members supporting those who wish to die at home" online for free here

Normally a reader pays anywhere from around $20-45USD to access a single article, but 'open access' means that the article is free to read, download, and share. If you would like to be just like a Douglas Adams Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy drink machine and "share and enjoy" please do so.

If you are interested in end of life doula work, compassionate communities, and dying at home - including voluntary assisted dying (VAD) or medical aid in dying (MAID), depending on where you are in the world - then I hope you find the article useful.

Interested in a workshop to help you better understand how to implement the model? Get in touch, I offer in-person and online workshops and training.

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