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Quality and GDEP's new online End of Life Consultant training course.

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

As I write this on a Sunday afternoon Gentle Readers, we have had some feedback from a few people about the cost of the new online training course that GDEP and myself recently launched for end of life work. (Spoiler alert: GDEP's course is not a 'cheap' one - and we are proud of this fact, which this post will explain)

My favourite pushback comment:

"not cheap".

My response:

"No. And thank you for noticing the quality."

Our course quality and standards are enduring, and we know that we are a good fit for many people looking to improve and expand their end of life work skills and knowledge base from a rational, secular, and informed standpoint. When you navigate to the course site you create an account, watch some introductory videos which are offered as a preview before you buy, then you decide whether or not the ethos of the course - and the scope of the training overall - is a good fit for you. The decision to purchase is then one you make based on the content and quality you can see.

What you will not see is the months of planning, networking, decision-making, recording, editing, and energy that have gone into creating the final content. All expert contributors have been remunerated for their time and expertise. All software is paid for, and so are the licences for the site itself and additional content, including original music and downloadable bonuses like the course Handbook and a model of the seven roles in the end of life work spectrum. Every effort has been made to be ethical and equity-based in recognising the calibre of expert contributors who are leaders in their fields, and offering high-quality, comprehensive content to students.

There are plenty of training options for end of life work, and GDEP acknowledges that our course sits among a growing selection of offerings. And we are happy with our pricing, because it reflects a dedication to standards, professional practice, and fair dealings with the expert contributors. A particular point to bear in mind is that GDEP's course is not concentrated on a single aspect of practice as many courses are, but examines the full spectrum of end of life work across the seven roles and their respective purviews. The course also emphasises both Australian and international best practice in every facet of course content - and we refuse to compromise on that quality.

We invite you to take a look at the course preview at and hope that you will be so impressed with our standards and depth of information that you will decide that GDEP's comprehensive and inclusive, evidence-based End of Life Consultant course is the right one for you. But, as informed choice is one of the foundation approaches to practice espoused by GDEP, we do encourage you to shop around and see what other courses offer in terms of online delivery and topic area scope - we know that you will make the best choice for yourselves in terms of selecting a course and trainers for your own particular needs.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Let's talk. And learn - email if you have questions.

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