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Reminder: you have worth!

Hello Gentle Reader, today I am taking a moment to remind you that you matter.
A woman with a big smile and black natural curly hair laughs into the camera. She is wearing a pink t-shirt and her hands are clapping together in front of her chin.
You are important, and it is good to permission yourself to remember this!

I was speaking with a client earlier this month and my phone rang - I hadn't checked that my phone was on silent, which is my usual practice. I immediately swiped up to disregard the call, and my client said "Oh no, you should answer that!"

I looked her straight in the eye, apologised for not having turned my phone to silent before our meeting began, and assured her of the following:

"No. You are my priority and focus right now - that's why I have a message bank. As my client you deserve and will receive my full attention."

She beamed. Then looked a bit flustered, smiled again and looked quite pleased. It became apparent that she wasn't used to being a priority for anyone, and this moved me at a deep level. I went out of my way to remind this client at the end of our meeting to give herself permission to be 'important' - and to expect attention and respect as a matter of course. Because she's worth it and deserves it.

We all do.

I wish you a day where you are delighted to give yourself permission to matter, to be respected, to matter. Because as far as I am concerned, you do! Have a great day and let me know if you want to talk about final wishes, advance planning, home funerals, grief, legacy projects, or your end of life ideas. I'd truly love to listen to you. XX

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