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Self care is essential

Working at end of life is sometimes challenging, so it is essential for me to have regular and frequent healthy self-care time.
Sign says "Self care isn't selfish"
Flip your script on prioritising time for yourself - you ARE worth it!

Today I had the entire morning dedicated to catching up with a good friend I haven't seen for a long time. We met at a lovely cafe inside a nursery, ate good food and talked - at a COVID-safe distance - and laughed a good deal. It was lovely, and I drove home feeling much better and more relaxed than I did when I woke up this morning.

Two women in wheelchairs are playing a giant game of Connect 4. One woman holds a beer while the other holds a game piece.
Love hanging out with pals and an oversize strategy game? Go for it! Healthy self care can look like a LOT of fun and be boisterous if that's what you like and need.

Working 24/7 is not healthy or useful for any of us, and it is actually better for our productivity as well as our mental health when we schedule and plan for time away from work and simply for our own pleasure. Catch up with friends, read a good book, immerse yourself in a creative hobby, take a nap - the thing you do is not as important as the time you spend not doing work or stress.

Sometimes I refer to this as 'healthy selfishness'. Saying no to some invitations in favour of doing something quietly by yourself to recharge your batteries is a good thing. Spending time with people you care about and enjoy (in real life or virtually, either way of connecting is fine) rather than pressing on and working a 15 hour day is a good thing. Go enjoy yourself and take time for you.

What are your healthy self-care plans for today?

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