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Special price for your first two 'tapping' sessions for COVID-19 grief, stress, and anxiety

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

As Gentle Readers around the world are aware, we are all experiencing anxiety, fear, grief, worry, and sometimes anguish around the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the social isolation and reality of anxiety and stress around our health and working lives at the moment, I am offering a limited-time price on specialist psychotherapy services for people who would like to have tailored support for anxiety, stress management, grief, or worry around the COVID-19 pandemic. I work with clients from many places, including overseas, so you do not need to be an Australian Gentle Reader to take advantage of this offer. Evidence-Based Emotional Freedom Technique (EB EFT) is non-invasive, and incredibly swift to work, but one of the biggest benefits is that this is a technique you will learn quite quickly, so you will be able to use it for yourself if you choose to.

Mention this post to receive 20% off your first two sessions with me - this means the regular price of $150 AUD per session is now only $120 AUD (see details below).
Close up of Dr Annetta Mallon's face. Annetta is smiling, is standing in front of a tree outside, and is wearing a multi-coloured scarf around her neck near her face.
Dr Annetta Mallon, End of Life Consultant and Educator, and psychotherapist

You don't live near me? No worries! Although most conventional therapies rely on a face-to-face approach - meaning that when you need a therapy session you may not able to leave the house to attend one due to self-quarantine or community movement issues - a session with EFT is easily done by video call*. I use the video call platform Zoom, which is free for you to download onto your computer, tablet or phone, making it easy for you to be comfortable and relaxed for your session wherever you are located. Zoom is a tested and stable platform, so we can concentrate on our session, rather than worry about our tech. A working camera and microphone are the only other requirements for a video therapy session, and most devices and computers have these built in. If not, there are relatively inexpensive plug-in options that you can buy either at your local shopping centre or online.

* I am on Australian Eastern Standard time (currently on daylight saving hours for summer until 3am Sunday April 5th) so some flexibility around session hours may be needed for international clients.

Therefore, a session with me is a meaningful therapeutic interaction that will not risk anyone's physical health or violate COVID-19 quarantine or travel conditions.

Your reasons for booking a session may be varied and multiple - information overload from the novel coronavirus may be overlaid with concerns for the health of a family member you care for, you may be uncertain of your own health status as you wait out quarantine after travel, or you may not have been able to travel to be with someone at end of life or to attend a funeral because of travel bans currently in place. Whatever your set of personal needs at this time, I am available to offer professional psychotherapy support and individually tailored approaches to building resilience, acknowledging grief, and managing stress more effectively. Your sessions are private, confidential, and you have the peace of mind of knowing I am a seasoned psychotherapist with over three decades of experience in four countries. I specialise in grief and loss, injury and trauma recovery - particularly PTSD, if you are triggered by the current COVID-19 realities we live with - and personal growth and development. And don't forget that appointments with me are live, not pre-recorded and standardised, so there is a social connection built into the hour and a half of your session, too.

Blue dandelion GDEP logo with the words Psychotherapy Services across the Life Span, Complex Trauma and PTSD Specialist
I offer psychotherapy services including Evidence-Based Emotional Freedom Technique (EB EFT) for clients.

Appointments can be made via my email address and are of 90 minute duration. If you are in need of an emergency appointment please call or text me at +61412702833 to secure your spot. Sessions are booking fast, you are encouraged to book early, and don't forget to mention this post to secure your 20% discount for the first two sessions. Let's talk. And tap!

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