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I am delivering the Virtual Didactics lecture on end of life doulas this week

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Good morning Gentle Readers and happy Monday!

I have some very exciting speaking engagements coming up in the next few months and I wanted to share them one with you today. Sometimes when I am quite caught up in working on content for the online course, or supporting private clients I can lose sight of the fact that I often have public speaking and education opportunities, and these are an aspect of my work that I am particularly proud of. I truly enjoy public speaking, which is a bonus for me - and this week, thanks to the magic of video conference calls, I am incredibly proud and honoured to be the guest lecturer for the University of South Carolina Virtual Didactics program.

Dr Annetta Mallon has white curly hair and a big smile. Annetta is looking into the camera with the sun behind her, wearing a purple scarf wrapped around her head.
End of Life Doulas are an incredibly useful, non-medical value-add for palliative care and hospice doctors. I will be discussing this and more with USC Fellows on Friday morning.

Increasing the death literacy of medical practitioners is a focal part of my end of life work and this lecture is a good example of how I can contribute to the knowledge base of specialist doctors. When medical practitioners have a clear understanding of what non-medical practitioners - like end of life doulas - can bring to end of life support and quality of life, everyone benefits. This is a big win, especially for those at end of life and their carers.

So, this Friday morning at 2am - Australian Eastern Standard Time, when I have all the fun of being at my shining best for a mid-day lecture in the USA! - I have the honour to give the HPM Virtual Didactics lecture to the Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship program members. The program coordinator is forward-thinking and realises that palliative and hospice medicine that encompasses non-medical end of life workers is stronger and more effective. I will be discussing end of life doulas in particular for this lecture, introducing the doctors to the concept, and exploring practical and effective ways to integrate this non-medical role into fully supportive end of life care.

If you are interested to learn for yourself about what end of life doulas can offer please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at - I am happy to answer your questions, or to work with you for a better and more supported end of life.

Let's talk.

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