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Webinar live with Annetta Thursday October 8th

Happy October!

Wondering about the online end of life training offered by Gentle Death Education and Planning, but want more information? You are invited to a free webinar with Annetta to find out about the course, and advance planning in particular.

A plant begins to bud with soft green leaves and pink flowers about to open.
Spring is the perfect time to explore new learning opportunities - come along to the webinar and ask Annetta about her course.

As we begin to ease restrictions around COVID here in Australia, it is good to feel the spring breeze in the air. This is an ideal time to better understand what online training means for student flexibility, why death literacy is so important, and (as the first part of the course focuses on advance planning) you will have an opportunity to ask Annetta questions about why advance planning is so important.

Multi-coloured autumn leaves on a rock and in the water.
Wondering what to do with extra time indoors in cooler weather? Why not enrol in GDEPs online training and learn how to better support the people you love at end of life.

Those of you in the Northern hemisphere will be eyeing your pumpkins for carving and soups, and planning your cooler weather activities. Wherever you live in the world, the Gentle Death Education and Planning online end of life training course means you can study at times that suit you. Annetta regularly offers course students live webinars to talk in person, and to ask any questions they may have about the course content. As a special opportunity for non-students, the first webinar in October is open for anyone with an interest in the course to come along and talk to Annetta live.

The webinar will be held on Thursday 8th October at 10:30-11:30am Australian EST. If you would like to attend please email for the video call link. Let's talk.

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