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What can your home funeral look like?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

There is a growing interest in having home funerals - not only in Australia but around the world. Death is coming home, and a home funeral may be a good fit for your life philosophy and reflect your values.

There is a lovely article here about one woman’s experience of vigilling with her partner, Benjamin, and keeping Benjamin’s body at home for three days before transporting him to a crematorium.

Although the terminology and frameworks are USA-centric, the essentials are pretty much the same here in Australia. You do not need to employ a funeral director unless you wish to, and you may keep a body at home for up to five days legally.

If you are interested in exploring what your home-based end of life, vigilling, and after-death body care and funeral choices and options are, please do get in touch. I am available for consultation and for hire as home funeral support and planner.

Let's talk - email for more information about home funerals and your options.

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