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Why advance planning is a good end of life preparation idea

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Whether you have received a terminal or life-limiting diagnosis, or you are preparing your end of life documents in order to have your life organised in case of the unexpected, I am able to support you through the process of advance planning.

Advance planning is a structured approach to exploring your end of life wishes, preferences, and options so that your wishes are as clearly-articulated as possible for those who will be in charge of your estate and effects.

As part of my services, I offer advise and help you create plans for your end of life wishes, and I can also act as a liaison with the medical staff, as well as accompany you to medical appointments should you feel the need for additional support.

But rather than have me bang on about the beauty and importance of advance planning, especially Advance Health Care Directives (AHCD), there is a wonderful Guardian article here that I recently came across that is really worth while.

The article is from a UK legal and medical practice perspective, but the essence of why advance planning saves time, effort, grief and heartache is international.

Would you like to have an AHCD in place for yourself? Please do get in touch, I am an end of life consultant who specialises in advance planning.

Let’s talk - email for a planning session.

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