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Window shopping at work

I have a new office space in Deloraine because I needed a space for clients, as well as reliable, consistent internet access. Here's a peek.
A photograph through a window looking into an office space. There is a small chalkboard on the window ledge saying "Cold plate rental. Advance planning - Enduring guardian, enduring power of attorney, will, funeral, advance care plan" There is an abstract print on the far wall over a sideboard holding a vase of red protea flowers and some blue glasses. A daybed lounge sits just under the window, with colourful cushions on it.
I have an unusual new office space with an internal window - so why not encourage window shopping?!

I haven't had a office for almost 20 years, so I am learning again about in-person marketing, getting out and about talking to people, and the importance of carrying business cards at all times because you never know who you'll run into.

The space is a welcoming one, not 'corporate' in style at all, more like a rambling Queenslander home was set down over a pharmacy. I find it charming, and the other occupants welcoming and eclectic as a group. We have an architect, 2 bodyworkers (separate spaces), a typing/copying business, an accountant, a social justice advocate and someone who works with Tasmanian farmers. There is a corridor on three sides of my space, which I hear referred to as the 'heart' of the building by other tenants. It's a nice place to be.

Being in the middle means I do rely on internal lighting a good deal, but I also have a window onto one corridor - so I spent a bit of time doing some window dressing, as you can see above. I change out the sign every few weeks, and it is fun to play around with new information or a question for anyone who passes by to read it. The internal window ledge is quite deep, so I have some space to play with.

A corner of an office space with colourful original abstract prints on the walls. A round glass-top table holds a vase of sunflowers and advance planning materials. There are 4 white plastic chairs, one with a blue chrysanthemum cushion on it.
The planning space - a comfortable, dedicated area for any session involving documents.

As the office space I have is central it used to be a meeting room - and the L-shape configuration means that I am able to have a multipurpose approach to the layout.

I have a dedicated planning area, which is quite an unlooked-for luxury. There is a table that can seat 4 if needed, and plenty of room for notebooks, documents, pens and scrap paper for writing down ideas.

All advance planning session can be accommodated here, and even though it is not in line with either the door or the window, there is good light - important when writing and reading needs to be done.

The prints on the wall are my own, from the days when I was a printmaker. I like to see them up on the walls, and they help to spark conversations for creative projects and responses when needed.

A picture of the therapy corner of the Gentle Death Education and Planning office space. There is a colourful rug on the floor, with purple and green/blue swirls, 2 daybed style lounges with colourful cushions on them and a low coffee table with a box of tissues. To the right is a vintage oak sideboard and on the far wall is a blue cold plate.
The therapy and conversation space - arranged here for a Death Cafe, the lounges usually face each other with the coffee table in between.

The therapy space is generous, sitting at the back of the office, at the top of the "L".

Two daybed-style lounges with cushions offer comfortable seating for social or therapy visits, and a low coffee table is handy for water, tea and tissues. The glass doors at the far end used to be the meeting room entrance, but as the lift and stairs open up on the other side, I use the door near the planning space (see below).

The cold plate fits perfectly against these extra glass doors, behind one of the lounges. It's nice to have the cold plate out where clients can see what it looks like, and take away some of the stigma around the concept of a cooling bed.

There is a sideboard facing the therapy space, handy for storing shop merchandise (coming soon online), tea and coffee supplies and marketing materials.

A picture of Dr Annetta Mallon's work desk with two screens, a ring light, a picture on the right side wall, 3 pictures of Cully on the back wall and a folding screen behind her. A microphone floor stand sits to the left of the desk.
A busy desk that sees a lot of online and recording work in progress. Cully oversees from the wall.

The control centre of the office space is actually the most crowded with items, as I need a lot of information to hand as I type. I also do research for clients and take notes during sessions, so my desk is always full.

The generous size of the office space means my recording equipment for the training course all fits here, and pictures of Cully on the wall make me happy when I look at them. The keen-eyed Gentle Reader may note the framed puzzle "Death's Study" from the Discworld Emporium. It is good to have visuals on both the desk walls that make me smile.

A photograph of the front door of GDEP's Deloraine office, room 10. A white painted brick wall has an acrylic sign outlining the GDEP service set, while a timber-framed glass door with three panels stands open. A folding screen and the sideboard are visible in the background.
We're open, come on in!

Any time you would like to stop in and say hello please do. I can usually accommodate impromptu visits, unless the 'do not disturb' sign is up which means I am with a client.

And remember, even if we cannot meet in person, I am still working online via Zoom and phone. If you have questions or would like to talk I am here for you. I have also begun running Death Cafes and will alternate in-person events with virtual events, so you have lots of options for connecting with me.

Let's window shop death literacy together - see you soon!