Gentle Death Events and Planning offer numerous options for people who wish to plan their end of life effectively and well. Services offered include helping people to navigate important advance planning conversations, and creating perfect and personalised memorial projects. From utterly Fabulous Going Away Parties, including your pets in your vigil, improving your grief support skill-set, and home decluttering and cleaning, we offer solutions and planning to ensure your life and choices are represented your way.

Gentle Death Education and Planning is kink-friendly, an LBGTIQA+ ally, and safe space offering inclusive and diversity-friendly services and support.


Whether you have received a terminal or life-limiting diagnosis or are in the process of preparing your end of life documents in readiness, GDEP is able to support you through the process of advance planning.


Advanced Planning is a structured approach to exploring your end of life preferences and options. Future medical treatment, preferred lifestyle, health needs, and hard limits for care and  funeral preparations are all considered so your wishes are as clearly articulated as possible for those who will be in charge of your estate and effects.


By formalising your plan in writing, and signing your paperwork, your family, friends, carers, and doctors can understand how you would like to be cared for.

An end of life package includes open discussion regarding client needs, preferences, wishes, and hoped-for circumstances for their end of life and final wishes for their body or that of a pet.

  • Advance planning for funerals/ceremonies and ACD. 

  • Presence, emotional support, consumer education

  • Vigilling - active dying, death, and after-death

  • Accompanying clients to medical/health appointments

  • Creating memory projects 

  • Writing obituaries, messages, memory book content

  • Assisting with video messages and photography

  • EFT and grief counselling 

  • After-death body care

  • Funerals - Traditional, DIY and family-led

  • Support for friends and family

  • Face-to-Face and video call support options for distant clients

  • House cleaning and decluttering

Many Australians are not aware that funerals can be easily and legally be held at home, and choosing this option can also save us a good deal of money. Family-led funerals are funerals that do have a professional or experienced funeral celebrant present to help guide and support the family if needed but the rituals and ceremonies of the funeral are shaped by, and conducted by, family and friends.

Want to attend your own funeral? You can. A Fabulous Going-Away Party allows clients to celebrate their life with important people by way of a completely tailored celebration of life event held before the end of life.
​Funerals can also be more traditional in approach, taking place after death (at any time, there is no rush), DIY at home, tailored to your style, or our 'bookend' option, which allows for two events. The first is a celebration of your life  that you attend, followed by another gathering after your death. 

Dr Mallon is a professional writer and artist, public speaker and presenter and is also available to oversee and/or officiate an event (in your home or in your hospital/nursing home. Annetta is also able to help you write a eulogy for yourself or your pet, assist you in preparing your memorial service content and order of service or create a memorial project for your pet or yourself as a tangible keepsake for your loved ones.

GDEP offers peer support, professional guidance, counselling, and mentoring for other End of Life Doulas and End of Life workers. Annetta is available for both face-to-face appointments, and online via Skype or Zoom. GDEP is located on the eastern seaboard of Australia, and is in the  AEST Sydney time zone of GMT +10 hours in standard time.

For those of us without children, parents or other close support networks, the idea of being ‘alone’ at End Of Life may be a frightening and challenging reality to consider. We may be Social Orphans because we are disconnected from family by the life decisions made by our birth family, or because we are (like Annetta) child-free by choice. With an End of Life Consultant, you need never fear End of Life as being a solitary experience. Annetta is an LGBTIQA+ community ally, is kink-friendly, and takes an inclusive stance in her work as an End of Life Consultant – Annetta offers a safe space for those at end of life, for those who would like to plan, as well as for the family and friends in supportive networks around someone at end of life.

We experience grief, loss, and mourning for our pets just as deeply as we do for the death of a person, although we may not feel comfortable expressing our grief for fear of ridicule (disenfranchised grief). Annetta is a seasoned grief and loss expert, offering counselling and stress-management techniques to clients after a pet's death. Annetta can help you explore your pet’s End of Life options and choices, can be present at your pet's end of life, and can also help you create a memorial project for your pet. Memorial ceremonies, pet-inclusive where possible, that engage the community you shared with your pet can be arranged according to your wishes.

Part of an End of Life Consultant/Doula's role is to support life’s final transition. If you wish to have Annetta with you at the time of your active dying, the moment of death and to offer after-death body care at home (for any or all of these stages), she is am able to be there for you. An End Of Life Consultant is particularly helpful when it is necessary to ensure that your personal, expressed end of life wishes are heard, acknowledged, and acted upon at your end of life journey.

Dr Annetta Mallon, has experience as a grief, trauma, mourning, and loss-support practitioner (including exposure to violent death and PTSD from military service, domestic violence/abuse, and emergency service work). Grief counselling with evidence-based EFT is available- and you may make arrangements for individual or group sessions with close friends and family, as needed and appropriate.

Decluttering and/or cleaning a home to ready it for sale so that a person can move to a retirement or nursing facility, or after a death, can be incredibly stressful for someone close to the situation. If clearing out and cleaning up a home when a move to a care facility is required, or is needed after a death, and you prefer to manage your life and stress by delegating these tasks to a professional, simply email or phone today and we can work together to provide you with the best solution for you. We can arrange charity donations for pickup, boxing of items for family and friends to collect, assist with sorting and arranging household contents, and rubbish removal.


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