The Mallon Model

Have you met the Mallon Model? It is a micro-compassionate community model for those who want to die at home without carer burnout.

The model is easy, straightforward and very flexible.

The low-down on the Mallon Model

Why is the Mallon Model so important to end of life at home? Carer burnout is a big problem, and the Mallon Model helps to resolve this issue, while simultaneously including members of our networks and community circles in ways that everyone is comfortable with.

Is this only for assisted dying? No – the Mallon Model works for both unassisted and assisted deaths.

How do I learn more? Simple! Download your free copy of the Mallon Model article here to get started:

I would like to know more about how to use the Mallon Model effectively, do you offer training? Yes – If you would like to know more about the nuances and potential of the Mallon Model, including how to best tailor the model for individual needs, I offer training in-person and online. For enquiries about training, or if you have questions please email

The majority of people would like to die at home, but all too few manage to do so – and carer burnout is a growing problem in many countries. This model shows you how to safely and easily support someone who wants to die at home while avoiding carer burnout and meeting individual needs with minimal stress.

Live workshops are a full day (9-4:30), interactive training event that gives you a full understanding of the model and how to adapt it to meet a variety of needs and individual circumstances. All workshops have early-bird ticket prices available to the first 10 tickets at each event.

 Online workshops are over two days, 9-12:30, usually on a Saturday and Sunday.

N.B.: Email to arrange a workshop either online or near to you. A minimum of four people is needed for online workshops, although this is negotiable.

A minimum of six people is needed for in-person events due to travel and accommodation costs.