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Train with Annetta

Learn live and in person with Annetta from a range of workshop topics tailored to suit your group’s interests – minimum of 6 people per group.

Mallon Model Workshops 2022

The majority of people would like to die at home, but all too few manage to do so – and carer burnout is a growing problem in many countries. This model shows you how to safely and easily support someone who wants to die at home while avoiding carer burnout and meeting individual needs with minimal stress.

The workshops are a full day (9-4:30), interactive training event that gives you a full understanding of the model and how to adapt it to meet a variety of needs and individual circumstances. All workshops this year are offered at a discount, with early-bird ticket prices also available to the first 10 tickets at each event*.

*Note: East Gosford and North Boyanup are all at the reduced rate as the venue is generously donated by the owners.


The full Mallon Model, the three shells representing the roles of Intimate, Gatekeeper and Peripheral

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Byron Bay 21/07 Byron Bay Community Centre

Brisbane 23/07 The Station, Fortitude Valley

Sydney 27/7 The Hub Studio, Chippendale

East Gosford 29/7 Peace Psychology

Blue Mountains 31/07 Wentworth Falls School of Arts

Melbourne 6/08 The Causeway

Adelaide 09/08 Mezzanine 55 The Parlour, Kent Town

Perth 11/08 Hobby Studio

North Boyanup 13/08 South West Grief & Loss Centre

Cairns 04/10 iiHub

Enhance your death literacy and skills with Annetta

In-person live workshop events and training

Do you like the idea of a short course of half-day or a one-day event? What about 2, 3, or even 4 day events?

For groups of 6-12 people you can have a live training event with Annetta. Travel to Tasmania and take part in a training event as part of a work or pleasure trip, or have Annetta come to you.

Either way, this will be a workshop event to remember. Bring your writing and creative materials, your curiosity and your notebooks – there will be a lot of information and some new professional connections before the event is done.

Note: Numbers are fixed between 6-12 as firm minimum and maximum numbers. This is to ensure group dynamics are safe and everyone involved will receive a good level of attention and care.

How to participate in a live workshop event

  1. Arranging a workshop event is simple.
  1. Subscribe to Annetta’s email list and apply for events as they are advertised. Sometimes these will be in her local area of Meander, sometimes in an interstate location depending on her travel schedule.
  2. Email Annetta with your workshop topic idea and some times and dates that you think will work well. Remember that you can travel to Tasmania and learn in the Meander village area, or Annetta can come to you when her schedule permits.

While every effort is made to accommodate the schedule and topic areas suggested, sometimes compromises will need to be made. Annetta appreciates your understanding.

Note: Due to the scope of the full end of life consultant course, only shorter workshops on specific topics are available for live training.

This is Dr Annetta Mallon, a woman with a big smile and white curly hair.

What are the benefits of live training workshop events?

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Why attend a live workshop?

Some of us prefer face-to-face training interactions – this may be because asking questions is easier in person, or someone’s learning style is better suited to live teaching. Live workshops also allow for interaction with other participants, networking opportunities, and a sharing of insights that eLearning does not always offer.

Sometimes a workshop fills an informational need, a psycho-social need, or a need to enrich professional connections and gain better insight into how other end of life workers respond to certain situations in the workplace. Live training can also benefit practitioners and students who are looking to develop better healthy self-care. Not all training is always about direct benefit to clients – there is a space for direct benefit to practitioners, too.

What sort of workshop events do you run?

There are a range on offer, and you can always create one or tailor an existing workshop to your own community/group needs.

In my experience, the most effective workshops are the ones that have a specific focus, good boundaries, and a clear expectation of what you will take away from the workshop training.

When you make a booking with me, I will clarify with you what the goals and aims of the workshop will be from your perspective. In this way we can ensure your live learning experience is an especially good one for you.


Do you have beginners workshops, or only advanced?

Both! Every event will clearly state if the content is suitable for beginners, students, or experienced practitioners with more advanced content.

We can always modify a workshop to suit the experience level of a group when you make a booking request.


What sorts of workshop topics do you have already?

Workshops include advance planning basics, advance planning II, ritual and ceremony, memorial project creation, pet end of life, end of life writing, healthy self-care for end of life practitioners, laughing in sorrow, and an introduction to compassionate communities.

These topics lend themselves to tailoring for specific group interests and needs, but if you have another idea please let me know and we can discuss a workshop idea.

Can we have a workshop with only 3 people?

While we can, this may actually be quite a challenge for participants. A minimum of 6 people offers a cushion of personalities that helps the group to move through activities and discussions in a more cohesive way than very small groups.

Can we have a workshop with more than 12 people?

We could, but some participants will feel left out, overwhelmed, or disinterested. As end of life workshops may trigger powerful emotion I prefer to keep group safety paramount and restrict numbers.

With larger numbers, too, more dominant personalities and voices can swamp the quieter, more introverted members of a group. Restricting numbers helps ensure no voices get lost in the process.

Do your workshop prices include participant meals and accommodation?

No. The workshop costs covers learning materials, my time, and morning and afternoon tea (for full and multi-day events). For half-day events only a morning or afternoon tea will be offered, depending on the time of workshop.

Participants are encouraged to bring a mug, a water bottle, snacks and lunch. All of this is detailed in the workshop confirmation emails.


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Live Workshop Events

The Mallon Model in 2022

Brisbane QLD July 23

Sydney NSW July  28

Gosford NSW July 30

Melbourne VIC August 6

Bunbury WA August 13

Perth WA August  15

Additional workshops by request – 6 person minimum.

$595 AUD

(includes GST)

More Details

Workshop may be arranged from a half-day (Deloraine area or as part of Annetta’s travels only), full day or multiple day events (Deloraine area or a location with suitable group workshop facilities and accommodation nearby).

Annetta does run some workshops with set topics, but is open to creating training events based on a topic of your group’s interest and choice. Please understand that not all topics may be suitable for a workshop, but every effort is made to accommodate requests.

Please note: workshop numbers require a minimum of 6 participants. Training sessions away from the Deloraine area with fewer than 6 participants will be put on hold and rescheduled when numbers are met.

Diversity- and disability-welcoming, kink-friendly, sex-positive, secular and cultural competency content are cornerstones of my practice – all workshops will recognise and include these aspects of end of life and community.


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