End of life Consultant Training Course – this course consists of 4 Tiers and 2 Masterclasses.

Includes: certificates for each course component, regular live QandA sessions, graduation pack and lifetime access to the course content

Beginners Introduction Course – ideal for anyone starting out and curious about end of life and why we became so distanced from death as a culture

Masterclasses – a deep dive into specialist subject areas to give you the latest and most complete best practice skills and information.

Beginners End of Life Introduction Course

For anyone who wants to know the basics of end of life, and how we lost touch with death and dying, this is the place to start!

1 component: 5+ hours of recorded content and extras


In-depth, focused workshop-style training for anyone looking to enrich their understanding of specific areas of end of life work.

Some prior learning may be required – e.g.: Advance Planning I must be taken before you can enrol in Advance Planning II.

3-6 hours in length, depending on the topic

End of Life Consultant Training Course

Comprehensive and inclusive end of life training, featuring expert contributors from Australia and overseas. All seven non-medical roles in the end of life spectrum are explained in depth.

Included in this training:

  • Four core Tiers of in-depth content with leading experts
  • Two Masterclasses of your choice (some subject to prior learning)
  • Regular online live QandA sessions with course creator Dr Annetta Mallon
  • Best practice information for Australia and around the world
  • Kink-friendly content and information
  • LGBTIQA+ ally and safe space
  • Cultural competence and best standard professional practice emphasised at every stage of the training
  • Evidence-based content and training extras

6 components: 4 Tiers and 2 Masterclasses

Tiers are 16-20 hours of recorded content + extras and reading

Masterclasses are 3-6 hours in length

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