Enrolment is now open for evidence-based End of Life Consultant training with Gentle Death Events and Planning founder Dr Annetta Mallon.

Now open for enrolment

Give the gift of a good death to family, friends, and your community with this evidence-based end of life training. Perfect for future end of life consultants, death doulas or anyone wanting to support family or friends through end of life.


Everyone deserves a good death

Imagine if we gave how we treat end of life as much thought as we do as other milestones. If a funeral or wake got the same treatment as a wedding, how much easier would it be to celebrate and grieve? If we researched and planned as thoroughly as we do for a holiday as we did should we lose our ability to make choices through accident, illness or disability, can you imagine how less stressed and strained our family or friends would be?

Can you imagine how many hearts and heads would be saved from irretrievable damage if we could simply admit we need to know more about death as a society?

I have developed my evidence-based online end of life training to help everyday people reduce that heartbreak. I am on a mission to transform death through sound knowledge, practical training that adults of all ages can access anytime, anywhere.

Special offer: All 4 Tiers and 2 Masterclasses for only $3,300 AUD (including GST) - this is more than $2,000 off the full price. REGISTER NOW (a 12 month payment plan of $290 per month is also available)

What you will receive:

  • A solid introduction to the best possible care for anyone facing end of life – including in-depth information on navigating the language, processes, regulations and industry best practices you can apply at home

  • Advice on how to apply this new found knowledge to kickstart a new career as an end of life consultant or death doula  

  • Personalised mentoring for the entire of the course

  • Lifetime access – no deadlines or cut-offs

  • Regular updates of crucial information on an annual or as needed basis so you’re always abreast of industry changes

  • A variety of additional resources at your disposal via my student mailing list

  • Flexible learning – with no set class times, you can learn at your pace, whenever you like PLUS

  • Regular opportunities to attend live QandA sessions or one-on-one sessions with Annetta to keep you on track and motivated as you learn (real-time live teaching coming soon!)

  • Advice and guidance on how to apply this newfound knowledge in a volunteering or career environment

  • A professionally designed course that will open doors to the exciting death positive movement and the chance to grow your networks of other dedicated professionals.

N.B.: Tier 1 is compulsory for all students, regardless of prior learning or experience, as this component offers cultural, social, historical and inclusive perspectives that are essential for gaining the most from later stages of the course.  


In-person speaking events and face-to-face workshops will be developed around COVID-19 protocols for the foreseeable future. Join the email list to be notified of upcoming events.


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