Evidence-based end of life training

Dignity and respect in death and dying

Give the gift of a good death to family, friends, and your community with this evidence-based end of life training. Perfect for future end of life consultants, death doulas or anyone wanting to support family or friends through end of life.

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Online end of life training

Learn online at your own pace and when it suits you. Choose from a range of options:

  • Beginners introduction to end of life course
  • Full end of life consultant training course. 4 core Tiers and 2 Masterclasses, comprehensive and inclusive training in all 7 non-medical roles, professional best practice, international expert contributors, and many extras.
  • Masterclasses – deep-dive specialist training to enhance your skill-set and knowledge.
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In person workshops 

In-depth training in specialised end of life skills and professional practice, tailored to your experience and interest.

For groups of 6-12 adults, event options begin at a half day through to 5 full days of training.

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Expert 1 to 1 intensive support offered to:

  • End of life consultants
  • Death doulas
  • Creatives
  • End of life practitioners
  • End of life students

Practitioner and student/hardship rates available.

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Specialist service for death doulas and those who work with the dying and the dead.

Debriefing and professional support, confidential and thorough.

Join the rapidly-growing ranks of end of life practitioners

Evidence-based end of life consultant training with Gentle Death Events and Planning founder Dr Annetta Mallon

Now open for enrolment – because everyone deserves a good death 

Special offer: All 4 Tiers and 2 Masterclasses for only 3,300 AUD (including GST) – this is more than $2,000 off the full price (a 12 month payment plan of $290 per month is also available).

Imagine if we gave how we treat end of life as much thought as we do as other milestones – if a funeral or wake got the same treatment as a wedding, how much easier would it be to celebrate and grieve? If we researched and planned as thoroughly as we do for a holiday as we did should we lose our ability to make choices through accident, illness or disability, can you imagine how less stressed and strained our family or friends would be?

Can you imagine how many hearts and heads would be saved from irretrievable damage if we could simply admit we need to know more about death as a society?

I have developed my evidence-based online end of life training to help everyday people reduce that heartbreak. I am on a mission to transform death through sound knowledge, practical training that adults of all ages can access anytime, anywhere.

What you receive

  • A solid introduction to the best possible care for anyone facing end of life – including in-depth information on navigating the language, processes, regulations and industry best practices you can apply at home

  • Advice on how to apply this new found knowledge to kickstart a new career as an end of life consultant or death doula

  • Personalised mentoring for the entire of the course

  • Lifetime access – no deadlines or cut-offs

  • Regular updates of crucial information on an annual or as needed basis so you’re always abreast of industry changes

  • A variety of additional resources at your disposal via my student mailing list

  • Flexible learning – with no set class times, you can learn at your pace, whenever you like PLUS

  • Regular opportunities to attend live QandA sessions or one-on-one sessions with Annetta to keep you on track and motivated as you learn (real-time live teaching coming soon!)

  • Advice and guidance on how to apply this newfound knowledge in a volunteering or career environment

  • A professionally designed course that will open doors to the exciting death positive movement and the chance to grow your networks of other dedicated professionals.

    You can also choose from a Beginners Introduction short course, or skip directly to Masterclasses to enhance and deepen your skill set. Whatever your preference, enrol today and begin your end of life education now.

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What Is Different About My Training?

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What is the advantage of eLearning?

Unlike many immersive end of life courses where you need to be in a training space for several days in a location that suits the trainer, GDEP’s courses are fully online. No need for a rushed and intensive training schedule – with this course you study at your own pace and at times that suit your own routine. Another advantage to eLearning is that you can review all the recorded content any time you like, as many times as you like.

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Do I have lifetime access to the content?

Yes. You can come back and review content any time, and  your access means you can also participate in other Masterclasses if you choose to.

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Are you the only person presenting content and extras?

No. Each core Tier, and many Masterclasses, feature expert contributors from Australia and overseas.

While I know a good deal, I certainly don’t know it all, and having different specialists offering their own knowledge, skills and content extras helps ensure your training here is as well-rounded and complete as possible.

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Is there a time limit on completing a component or the entire course?

No – take as much time as you need. While it is not recommended that you sprint through the content in a matter of days per Tier (some of the personal reflections and student exercises are designed for some days or weeks to be taken while you complete them), you are in charge of your own learning pace.

A suggestion for completing a Tier is 4-6 months, a Masterclass 4-14 days, depending upon length and subject content, and the Beginner’s course is aimed at a weekend.

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Online learning seems disconnected - do I do this all on my own?

No, far from it. There are regular live video QandA sessions with myself and other students and sometimes there are sessions with people who are interested in taking the course but haven’t enrolled yet. There is a dedicated email address for students to contact me, and you can always ask for a quick personal video call if you want to ask questions in a less public forum than the QandA

What is your ethos?

I have been thinking critically and rationally about end of life, dying, death and the after-death spaces for many years. Our cultural, social, historical and personal contexts all play a part in better understanding why we value what we do in life – and also why our deaths need to be considered in a careful and nuanced way.

We cannot make assumptions about any aspect of a person’s life, especially when they are vulnerable and in need of judgement-free support at end of life. The GDEP training  is designed to foster compassion, professional best practice, and inclusive, respectful interactions with clients, friends and families, communities and organisations alike.

Because all 7 end of life roles are included here in a spectrum, even if a student only wants to work in one or two of these roles, there will be a comprehensive understanding of how non-medical end of life work sits as a range of options that can be tailored and networked to ensure a client’s, friend’s or family member’s end of life, death, planning and wishes are respected.

Both human and pet end of life are included in the full training course, and emphasised throughout all training options. #CullyApproved 

How Do I know If End of Life Training is Right For Me?

We all die. Death is a natural part of our life’s experience, so you could say that this course is good for everyone.

However, not everyone wants to have good death literacy, or understand how to support their loved ones at end of life – ultimately only you can answer this question.


Are you curious?

Great! The perfect place to begin is with curiosity as so much has been deliberately hidden when it comes to death and dying. Dive right in, I think you’ll like it.

Do you want to know how to offer dignity and respect to someone you care about when they are dying?

You will benefit greatly from this training as respectful language, professional practice tips, and person-centred approaches to end of life interactions are central to course content throughout.

Have you ever had a bad death or funeral experience?

I am sorry to say that ‘bad’ experiences happen more often than we realise, and many people become interested in learning more about end of life when they attend a truly bad funeral, or someone they know has a death that was undignified or ran counter to their wishes.

Good death literacy, one of the fundamental aspects of this course, helps promote and ensure better deaths and funerals.

I'm not sure I want to do an entire course - is there an introduction instead?

You bet. If you are not sure the full course is right for you, but you still want some information then the Beginners Introduction course is perfect for you. In a few short hours this course takes you through a brief look at the practical and social history of death and dying, ritual, the rise of funeral ‘professionals’ and how the 20th century modern way of life led to the way we ‘do’ death and understand death and dying today.

I don't remember things well unless I write them down, how does it work with online learning?

I have been an educator for well over a decade, and like to offer students a special place for note-writing and reflection. Each component of the course has it’s own Handbook, which is available in a printable as well as an electronic form, and there are dedicated sections for each course module as well as student exercises and note-taking.

If you still prefer face-to-face teaching then this is an option, but the full end of life consultant training course is not available for in-person teaching. If you are not sure, why not attend a free QandA video call session for students? These are held each month and non-students may attend one if they want to learn a bit more before signing up to a course.



I offer peer support, professional guidance, counselling, and mentoring for other end of life consultants, doulas, art therapists and end of life workers for humans and pets. You can book a session on an ad hoc or ongoing basis, depending on your own needs. Students in my courses receive some built-in mentoring as the course progresses, via the regular QandA sessions, but additional sessions at the student rate may be booked at the student rate.

I am available for face-to-face sessions if you live near me, or when I am travelling and have time in my schedule. Alternatively I work internationally online via video and phone calls. I am located on the eastern seaboard of Australia in the AEST Hobart time zone of GMT +10 hours in standard time.

Please note: Hobart time varies in summer periods for daylight saving time. Please ensure you have your calendar adjusted to reflect this change when booking your appointment if you are outside this time zone.

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Supervision is an essential part of professional best practice, allowing for debriefing, empathetic support from a knowledgeable professional, and to help avoid burnout. For those who work with the actively dying, unexpected death, and with after-death body care, ritual and funerals, supervision can be invaluable.

Supervision differs from mentoring in that this service is aimed at professional practitioners rather than students or those still fairly new to the field. Supervision is different to therapy in that practitioners are not ‘clients’ per se and we meet as equals in the overall field. I have a wealth of practitioner and therapy experience, and am able to hold the supervision space for a practitioner while appropriately supporting professional insight, reflective practices, and self-awareness. I have offered this service for some years and am a compassionate and empathetic supervisor.

I am available for face-to-face sessions if you live near me, or when I am travelling and have time in my schedule. Alternatively I work internationally online via video and phone calls. I am located on the eastern seaboard of Australia in the AEST Hobart time zone of GMT +10 hours in standard time.

Please note: Hobart time varies in summer periods for daylight saving time. Please ensure you have your calendar adjusted to reflect this change when booking your appointment if you are outside this time zone.

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Beginners End of Life Introduction Course

New to end of life and want to know the basics? This is the course for you.


More Details

Dip a toe into end of life knowledge – and find out why interest in end of life is booming around the world. Try my teaching style in this short course, and gain a wealth of new understanding in an easy to follow online format. Extras include your own Handbook for the course, links to helpful websites and videos, and some suggestions for further reflections.

The cultural, social and historical roots of our current death-denying patterns, why end of life is so important, and what is happening around the world right now in the death positive movement.

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End of Life Consultant Training Course

All 4 core Tiers and 2 Masterclasses (subject to prior learning in some cases), bundled into one comprehensive package featuring expert contributors and evidence-based learning.


More Details

The full spectrum of end of life work is included, with all 7 non-medical end of life roles considered in depth across the four Tiers. Masterclasses offer in-depth and specialist areas of expertise to be explored, ideal for both beginners and those who already work in end of life roles but want to extend and enrich the services and standard of practice offered to clients and communities alike.

Diversity- and disability-welcoming, kink-friendly, sex-positive, and cultural competency are built into the training at every stage – because everyone deserves dignity and respect at end of life.


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Designed for anyone who wants in-depth knowledge and the latest best practice information in specific aspects of end of life work.


More Details

Each Masterclass is a stand-alone, focused training opportunity that you can return to again and again once purchased. Prices vary as Masterclass length varies between 3-6 hours, and new Masterclasses are being added regularly. Expand and enrich your service-set for your clients with international expert contributors and bonus extras. 

Note: A few Masterclasses require prior learning, see Masterclass list for details.


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